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How to add command line arguments to your piger commands

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First the basics

The first argument is the command we wish to execute, the second one is the command line argument and the last one is if we wish to run as administrator or not, (with privileged access).

How to get the arguments?

You have various commands to get the arguments entered.

You can get the ones typed by the user

Or you can also get the selected folder if there is one

Remember that we could have selected more than one folder

Putting it all together

If you have an app like cmder or even the default command line app you can put it all together

And save the file and call it “cmder.lua” and save it in your root command folder, (or subdirectory).

Then if the user types

  • cmder home – they will go to their home directory
  • cmder – they will go to their system drive
  • cmder (with the cursor over a folder name) – they will go to that folder.


You can get more information on the piger github page

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