Courseplanner 4.0.0 Almost ready

I am putting the final touches to Courseplanner 4.0, this also means having to redesign the 4 year old website.
Please bear with me as I move things around a little.

I have already done the DNS transfer so this post should appear any time soon.

I will be moving the forum as well as the wiki sometime during the night.

Edit:I can see that all the name servers have been updated, but my ISP is taking its sweeeeet time about updating their records.
So I cannot really update the forum for now.

4 replies on “Courseplanner 4.0.0 Almost ready”

  1. Hi
    Yesterday I bought from you the Courseplanner 4 at 25.90 euro. I received the confirmation and the registration number. Please where discharge the program or you will send me a CD ?(should be the best thing). I hope to have not done a mistake in the order beeing in confidence to order the courseplanner 4 beta, complete, stand alone for fs9 and evoiding all the limits and difficulty found at the benning. I’m not an expertise but many things must be done by you….Awaiting your kind answer I send you the best regards.
    Best regards

  2. Hi,
    I have downloaded the latest version (the first upper download 4.0) from, as indicated by you. It specifies version courseplanner 4.0 dl. I went to Help, register courseplanner, it doesn’t allow to register with the registration number (received by e.mail) indicating that “it is a beta version, it cannot be registered”. Can you explain how to solve the problem? I have paid for nothing or what? Thank you.

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