System crash

Last night I cam home to find that my good old windows Vista machine would no longer boot properly. It works for a few minutes and then crashes, (with the famous blue screen/memory dump).
So now I am wasting a lot of time trying to recover my system before I can do any ‘real’ work, as luck would have it I was planning on getting some of the more difficult bugs done.

I am actually quite happy that I copy all my code in 3 different locations, imagine if I had lost all my code, that would not have been fun.

But anyway, I guess it happens from time to time, I just have to re-install everything and I should be ready to go.

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    1. Sorry about that, but your mail server is actively rejecting emails from our server. Please give us another email address where the registration code can be sent.
      In future, please use the forum if you have any queries.

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