Back in the flying seat

Courseplanner tracking a waypoint
Courseplanner tracking a waypoint

I finally managed to get back to flying a little over the week-end, I am working on some new features for Courseplanner, namely the ability to turn into a waypoint, (or past a waypoint depending on the one you want to visit).

All the coding is done, I am just testing with various aircraft if everything works as expected. With all the small aircraft, (Cessna, Mooney and so on), it works well, but it is another story for the heavies. It is just very hard to remain on course without having some wild turns in order to remain on course.

I also added some small features to see where the automatic flight management of Courseplanner is aiming.

But all in all it is fun to get back to flying again.

3 replies on “Back in the flying seat”

  1. I will be very interested to hear when Courseplanner can be used with X Plane.

    I ave just discovered Courseplanner and love thhe waay it functions with FSX

    Keep up the good work, Best Wishes, David

  2. @dvdmrj, David
    Thanks, I am downloading x-plane demo as we speak :), the first thing I want to do is import/export their flight plan into Courseplanner.
    And, while I am waiting for my DVD(s), I might get started on the module as well they have a wealth of information/code I need to look at.

    But, truth be told I am only really getting started now, so I am not sure when I will have something ready for use.

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